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Hermes' Coloring Pages

I have always enjoyed coloring... In fact, it was a huge part of why I illustrated Theoretical Dragon Anatomy myself. Recently I find myself doing more of it with all of my extra time at home. So, for all the dragon enthusiasts out there, I have launched a new project: Hermes' Coloring Pages. Now you can color illustrations straight out of my book and exclusive, never-before-seen artwork. Simply print them straight from this page.

Check in every week or so for new pages, and send me some of your finished work! I'd love to see what glorious dragons you bring to life.

hatchlin' card.png

Hermes, in all of his glory!

Community Gallery

Wow! Look at all of those dragons. Be the next showcased artist... Simply send me your work.

Yay! Your work is on the way!

Upload artwork

Send me your work:

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