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  • Isabelle Busch


Yesterday I went to the Lilac City Comicon as an exhibitor, to sell some copies of Theoretical Dragon Anatomy. I met fans and sold books... all of them signed, of course. I won't be back at Comicon today, but I had such a wonderful time yesterday–thanks Mr. Jewett and Mrs. Forsyth! The best part of Comicon was the costumes, for sure. Darth Maul was straight out of the movies!

Jack Sparrow's costume was my personal favorite, but I neglected to snag a picture. Chewbaaka was there too... Star Wars as the most popular theme, with Stranger Things coming in a surprising, but welcome, second. Can't wait for the next season in July!

Anyways, this event was such a blast, and if you weren't there, you missed out! Hope to see you at an upcoming event (visit the Events page for a list of them).

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