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Today, Hermes became the star of the site. Why? With all of my extra time I've launched a new project: Hermes' Coloring Pages! Now, you can color illustrations straight out of my book and exclusive never-before-seen works, right at home. Besides Hermes' Coloring Pages, I've been really busy with other projects. My model house is now ready to be painted, I've designed some new artwork, and have finished off some schoolwork. Speaking of school, I

received the distinguished title of Valedictorian of my class, which I am very proud of, even if I don't get to speak at graduation. It'll probably be cancelled, but that's no big deal–I'm keeping everything in perspective. Going outside and hanging out with my family is key; I especially have enjoyed playing lawn tennis with my brother. And most importantly, I do something fun during the day! So, if you or your little dragon enthusiasts need something fun to do, check out the coloring pages. Share the love of science, and remember that all of this will pass soon. We'll get through it together, and look back on it thinking, Well, that wasn't so bad.

Stay at home and stay well!

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