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The Book

Theoretical Dragon Anatomy presents dragons as you’ve never seen them before: in full anatomical detail. Prepare to be amazed by the inner workings of dragons! Based on scientific studies of the anatomy of real-world animals such as lizards, bats, horses, and alligators, this richly illustrated volume explains how dragons would function if they were just as real. Delve into a dragon, examining its muscles, skeleton, brain and more. Mysteries such as flight, breathing fire, and armored skin are explained and detailed in full color. Each page is packed with intricate illustrations and intriguing information that reveal not only how a dragon works, but why it has evolved such unique adaptations. You’ll never see dragons the same again!

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Theoretical Dragon Anatomy grew out of my love of science, especially anatomy, and drawing. In middle school, I found myself drawing dragons in every bit of extra time I had. For my eighth grade final project, I presented Dragon Anatomy. My science teacher suggested I extend my project and research into a book. So that's exactly what I did once I got to high school: "Theoretical Dragon Anatomy" was born. One class period a day was devoted to working on my book. It took three years, but after delving deeper into the research, revising my diagrams, and laying it all out as a book, here we are! "Theoretical Dragon Anatomy" is complete. 

An Inside Look


Each page is packed with interesting information based on real science. Realistic illustrations and diagrams bring the anatomy of dragons to life, while labels and color-coding make it easily understandable. Processes are examined step-by-step and adaptations are explored in detail. The pages shown here lay side-by-side in the book, and provide an in-depth look at a dragon's eye.


Available online on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and through independent bookstores, like Auntie's.

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